Boob Tube Binges Epic Edition: Marco Polo and World Without End


Epic – Historical | Weinstein Company | December 2014
Netflix Original Series | 10 Episodes | 1h/ep
I am not familiar with Marco Polo’s story except that he walked for a long ass time. I mean only a crazy, but awe inspiring, adventurer would dare travel from Europe to China on foot during the 15th century right? So after seeing trailers of the series and knowing that it’s being produced by the Weinsteing flucking Company, I know that MARCO POLO, an original Netflix series, is going to kick some major ass. 
And I wasn’t wrong. In fact I binged watched MARCO POLO on the weekend it came out last December (sorry, got lazy writing up a review. Better late than never!). Color me impressed because I totally suspended disbelief from start to finish. The casting is damn PERFECT, no caucasians pretending to be Asians or Middle Easterns. The producers know what they’re doing and didn’t spare a single dime in bringing to life Marco Polo’s epic adventure. Kublai Khan’s Empire is what I imagined it to be, it’s like the eastern counterpart of Ancient Rome where the population is very diverse, the culture so blended, but still very Asian. Gah! Perfect! 
P.S. The dude playing Marco Polo, Lorenzo Richelmy, is so adorbs. But the man eye candy doesn’t stop there. There’s quite a few hot dudes in the series that will appeal to your…ummm… worldly tastes in men.

Historical Drama | Sony Pictures | October 2012
Reelz Original Series | 8 Episodes | 1h/ep
WORLD WITHOUT END is the series sequel of Pillars of the Earth (and I’m kicking myself for not catching the series when it was on Netflix) based on Ken Follett’s novels. I haven’t read Mr. Follett’s novels but I do love drama set in medieval times. 

Set in England during the 1300s, the series chronicles the lives of ordinary citizens. Edward III leads the nation into the Hundred Years’ War with France, while Europe is bracing for the Black Death. Caris (Charlotte Riley), a visionary woman, and her lover Merthin (Tom Weston-Jones) build a community that stands up to the crown and the church.

Any epic fantasy reader will find this series hard to resist because of the premise alone. Once you see the drama unfold, it’s even harder to peel your eyes away from the screen! It’s like a dark-ages soap opera with bastards rebelling and saving the day, forbidden romances, enduring love. Then it takes a sharp turn to the left with murder, adultery, patricide, and rape to name a few. 
There’s so many threads to the story which resulted to WORLD WITHOUT END having mini lead characters. Caris and Merthin might be the MC’s but there are other couples and partners that make up this enthralling story. The hook for me was the arc involving the King. Oh man, oh man, oh man! It was 3am when I got to the episode that had the big reveal. And as sure as the sun is about to rise in a couple of hours I had a big jolt of adrenalin and delayed sleeping for another two hours just to see the climax and conflic-resolution through. Goodness gracious! The possibility of it actually happening in reality is not only scandalous, but tragic. 

So totally fangirling here and I’m aware that I’m being vague. It’s intentional and I hope I got y’all curious enough to at least check the first episodes of both MARCO POLO and WORLD WITHOUT END. The first one will at least impress you with the production, the second one will surely get you hooked! Happy watching!