Love It: FUC Bundle 1-3 by Eve Langlais + Character Chat & Giveaway

Series: Furry United Coalition 1-3

Format: PDF
Release Date: August 25, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Won from Romance Junkies
Genre: Humorous Shifter Romance

It started with an energetic bunny and a grumpy bear. It continued with a geeky swan and her playboy bear. And then we encountered an ornery croc who couldn’t help falling for a foxy lady.

The three F.U.C. stories you’ve come to love are now available in one handy bundle. Hours of romantic and humorous entertainment. Contains previously released stories:
• Bunny and the Bear
• Swan and the Bear

• Croc and the Fox

Isn’t it time you got F.U.C.’d? lol. Find out what has readers giggling and get your Furry United Coalition bundle today

First of all, this is a HUGE post and I know there’s a LOT to take in so please, take your time and digest everything that Eve and I have prepped for you. With that, I’ll make this review as brief as I can so you can move on to more fun stuff :P.
Currently there are 5 novellas in Eve Langlais’ FUC (Furry United Coalition) series and this bundle are novellas 1-3. Short summary, it’s light, fluffy and funny. I enjoyed the double entendre, the sexy times and the suspense-adventure incorporated into the series. FUC is the shifter police and the main plot of the series is there’s someone kidnapping shifters for experimental purposes. So the first three novellas are interconnected in the sense that the agents are trying to capture the villain while finding their mates along the way. 
Bunny and the Bear is the fluffiest and funnest of the three and its a sexed up, PNR version of Goldilocks and the Three One Bear. The heroine, Miranda, is a shifter bunny, she’s sexy, bubbly and horny while the bear, Chase, is stern, grumpy but equally horny. Chase became the villain’s target and Miranda saved him from its clutches and as expected all that adrenalin turned into a powerful aphrodisiac and well… Miranda is a bunny for a reason. This is a light story with lots of sexy time, I will never look at honey the same way again. 
Swan and the Bear is my favorite of the trilogy, it was still light but slightly more emotional because the MC’s are in a forbidden relationship, it’s like Romeo & Juliet meets Swan Lake. The swan, Jessie, is actually a Princess and her father doesn’t want her to cross breed with the bear, Mason, who is also Chase’s brother. On top of trying to nab the mastermind behind the kidnappings, the main focus of this novella is the romance between Jessie and Mason. It’s still fun and sexy but it has drama and more romantic than the previous one.
Croc and the Fox is my least favorite. The fox, Renee/Project, was the villain’s prime subject and she’s been his guinea pig for 14 years. Renee/Project has no recollection of her life before the lab, has poor social skills and very ignorant about a lot of things. This handicap made the croc, Viktor, very sympathetic and protective of Renee’s plight, taking on the guardian role. This is my least favorite because of the school girl/virginal play. It became too much that it reminded me of hentai (anime porn) and Renee/Project’s “innocence” just felt fake and annoying to me. 
What I love most about FUC is the villain! I love that ELanglais’ used his POV to hold the story together and he’s actually closer than these FUC agents think he is! He’s so cunning, slick and just evil I’m dying to know who the fuc this person is?! Overall, I enjoyed the tone of FUC, these three novellas were quick reads, it has good plots and lots of steam. Obviously these are insta-love kind of stories but I really didn’t mind the trope, there’s so much going on with the novellas that I got distracted from this pet peeve. Anyway, if you’re looking for an in-between read, try FUC, it’s very satisfying.

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Lucifer: Welcome future denizens of Hell. Once again, I’ve commandeered a blog—aka sent the owner on a boat tour with Charon where she hopefully won’t get eaten by any Styx sea monsters—so that  I might regale you with stories of my greatness.

Ysabel: (mutters) Great according to who?

Lucifer: (rotates his head, 180 degrees) I heard that.

Ysabel: (smirks) Good to know. A guy your age is prone to problems. First it’s the eyes, then the ears, then… (She drops her gaze to a spot below his belt)

Smoke begins to sift from Lucifer’s ears. 

Remy: As if our mighty and wondrous lord would ever have that kind of problem.

Ysabel: (mutters) Suck up.

Remy: Ass kissing is a fine art, my witch. One you should know I excel at, or do you require another demonstration?

Lucifer: (perks up) I wouldn’t mind watching.

Ysabel: Dream on, demon.

Lucifer: You and Gaia are always ruining my fun.

Distant female voice: I heard that.

Lucifer: (scowls) Anyhow, back to the subject at hand, me and the awesome job I’m doing pairing up the vilest, most psychotic, deranged and irredeemable of my demons on staff.

Remy: Thank you, boss. I knew you appreciated me and all my hard, ass kicking work.

Lucifer: Not you. I mean the females. They’re bitchy. Violent. Outspoken. And yet I have managed the impossible. I’ve found them males who have no only managed to bed them, but remain alive after the fact. I think that makes me the king of not just Hell but matchmaking.

Distant female voice: I thought you were content with king of my bedroom.

Lucifer: I would be if you’d let me brag about how wondrous I am between your thighs and how I make you—

From out of thin air a woman arrives and slaps a hand over his mouth.

Gaia: That’s quite enough. You know how I feel about letting the world know about our lovemaking.

Lucifer: Argh, woman. What have I told you about using the L word in public?

Gaia: The same thing I’ve told you about discussing our intimate affairs.

They glare at each other. Then, come together in a clash of lips. The ground trembles and they disappear from sight with Lucifer pausing long enough to shout

Lucifer: You can read all about my awesome match making skills as told by the author whose soul I own, Eve Langlais. She will dazzle you with my brilliance in her Welcome to Hell series. Until we meet on the banks of the Styxx, this is Lucifer signing off that I might ravish my delectable goddess. I am also returning your blog to its rightful, properly educated and somewhat traumatized owner.  Happy sinning…


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Hello, my name is Eve. I’m a stay at home mom who writes really raunchy stuff–usually with werewolves lol. I am a bestselling Amazon author, ranking often in their top 100 romance authors. But I’m not just popular with Kindle readers. I was one of the top ten selling authors on AllRomance for 2013 and have had numerous of my books hit the top 100 books on Barnes & Nobles as well.

I’m writing romance, my way. Be warned, I do have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. I like strong alpha males, naked chests and werewolves. Lots of werewolves. In fact, you’ll notice most of my multi partner stories revolve around great, big, overprotective Lycans who just want to please their woman. I am also extremely partial to aliens, you know the kind who abduct their woman and then drive them insane…with pleasure of course.

I love to write, and while I don’t always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a happily ever after.

Happy reading!
Eve Langlais
Website | Facebook | @EveLanglais | Google+ | Goodreads


Love It: Behind His Eyes – Truth by Aleatha Romig + Giveaway

Series: Consequences 5

Format: Mobi
Release Date: March 18, 2014
Publisher: Romig Works
Source: Author
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Psychological Thriller

BEHIND HIS EYES—TRUTH is the second of the CONSEQUENCES SERIES three reading companions, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig. It is recommended to be read after completing all three books of the CONSEQUENCES SERIES: Consequences, Truth, and Convicted. It is not a standalone book and should not be read as such.

This reading companion explores the thoughts and motivations of Anthony Rawlings and his struggle to accept the truth behind the consequences. It is not intended as a total rewrite of TRUTH, but meant to enhance the reader’s understanding. BEHIND HIS EYES—TRUTH contains significant scenes from the novel TRUTH, as experienced from Anthony’s point of view. It also contains never before published, behind-the-scenes information, a glossary of the characters, and a timeline that grows from Consequences to include the array of new characters and revelations found in the pages of Truth.

BEHIND HIS EYES—TRUTH is the continued journey inside the mind of the man who survived the consequences. This companion allows readers the opportunity to witness first hand as Anthony’s world changes forever. His rules and control begin to slip away, threatened by the most unlikely foes—an experience completely unfamiliar to him.

Can something as pure as love and forgiveness wreak havoc on his well-planned existence?

Of all the Consequences novels, Truth was the most difficult for me to read. Consequences was shocking, brutal even, Truth rankled me because I got so invested and protective of Claire Nichols, I want her to be as far away from Tony as she possibly can but that’s not exactly what happened which frustrated me. I don’t want to give out any spoilers in case you’re one of the select few who haven’t read Aleatha Romig’s dark contemporary mind-fluck series. Suffice to say that Claire and Tony frustrated me to no end in Truth and to relive that via Tony’s eyes in BEHIND HIS EYES-TRUTH was just as disconcerting but admittedly, not as challenging as Truth.
BEHIND HIS EYES-TRUTH is a companion novel so it may/can be repetitive to an extent but it’s also enlightening because we get to see Tony’s side of the story and there are a LOT of events that made me stop and say WTH?! In Truth, the moments I’m most eager to see in Tony’s eyes were the dream sequence and the gala. Claire’s dream for obvious reasons and as for the gala, that night was the most frustrating for me to read in Truth because that’s when Claire let Tony in her life again. And I want to know how hard he pulled the strings to get Claire where he wanted her to be. And of course there were other things that happened in this part of the storyline which I found manipulative and deceitful but seeing it behind Tony’s eyes gave me insight and it also made me soften up to him a bit.
There! I said it! I was so afraid that I will hate Tony less with his series because holding on to that grudge makes it easier for me to condemn his actions. Don’t get me wrong, some of the things Tony did I still won’t condone but after reading BEHIND HIS EYES-TRUTH, I saw his struggle. How hard he held on to his stubborn loyalty to his grandfather at the expense of his happiness and how it conflicted with his love for Claire. In BEHIND HIS EYES-TRUTH I think I finally saw what Claire saw in Tony and how she found strength in her submission to him. 
I know I’m speaking in tongues and like I mentioned previously, it will all make sense once you read the series. If you’re thinking of reading Consequences, my suggestion is for you to read the BHE novels right after you read its counterpart in the series. I’m not a huge companion novel reader but trust me, with this series, it’s almost imperative because Tony is such a complicated character and I promise you, you would want to know his motives and BHE will give you that. 
With these companion books, not only did ARomig carefully and thoughtfully wrote and crafted Tony’s POV, she also managed to make it almost a necessity to read the books. Plus if you’ve been part of the journey, you’ll also notice how much ARomig’s narrative has improved since Consequences was published 3 years ago. To me that’s personal because I can say that I was there before the series blew up and I’m happy and honored to have witnessed and been part of that growth and journey in some way. Looking forward to BHE-Convicted, Tony was pretty much MIA on the novel and I sure would like to see/know what he was up to while Claire was in a jam.

Glancing at the numerous pictures from his years of surveillance, Tony wondered if he and Claire had come full circle. Would it be like this again? Would his only connection to her be through this new investigator? Would he only see Claire in two dimensions? Tony searched for their contract, the beginning of their personal journey together. He knew it wouldn’t be that easy again. If he were to get her back to Iowa and into his life, it wouldn’t be because of a signature on a napkin.

Then he shook his head. He didn’t want her back, did he? Hell, the lack of sleep was making him sentimental. He stopped his search. The damn contract was no longer valid; it never had been—legally. Pushing the box back into its hideaway, he contemplated throwing it all away. Having her back wasn’t his goal; learning her location was. She had no right to disappear.

With the necklace in his hand, Tony settled upon the soft leather sofa in front of his fireplace. If Phillip Roach were correct, in a few moments he’d hear the voice that used to fill his suite and his house. When her voice came through his phone, Tony wanted to feel her presence. He imagined the sound as he looked up at her wedding portrait and saw the emerald green that haunted his dreams. What did he want to hear? He wanted to know she was safe and unharmed. He wanted to know where she was, and he also wanted to bring her back to Iowa—because that was where she belonged.
It didn’t make sense. To the world she was the woman who tried to kill him. To Tony she was more than that. The past twenty hours had proven it. She was his drug. Claire Nichols ran through his system like ecstasy, sending him on otherwise unobtainable highs. He reasoned that lows followed highs, and she’d given him those, too; they’d given them to each other. Nevertheless, without the right stimulant, the euphoria could never again be achieved. Whether it was elation or misery, neither would be obtainable without the exhilarating potency of Claire. He didn’t want an empty envelope. He wanted her. Nathaniel was wrong: Claire wasn’t gone; she was just misplaced.

For the last twenty-four hours, his entire being had surged with anticipation. Claire may not understand it—hell, Tony didn’t understand it, but he couldn’t deny it. Now that she was gone, he needed her back in his life, and he would have her.

Aleatha Romig is a bestselling author, who has been voted #1 “New Author to Read” on Goodreads July 2012 – Present! She was also #9 most followed author on Goodreads – July / August 3013.

Aleatha has lived most of her life in Indiana growing-up in Mishawaka, graduating from Indiana University, and currently living south of Indianapolis. Together with her high-school sweetheart and husband of twenty six years, they’ve raised three children. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she’s not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include exercising, reading and creating heros/ anti-heros who haunt your dreams!

Aleatha enjoys traveling, especially when there is a beach involved. In 2011 she had the opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia to visit her daughter studying at the University of Wollongong. Her dream is to travel to places in her novels and around the world.

CONSEQUENCES, her first novel, was released August 2011 by Xlibris Publishing. October 2012 Ms. Romig rereleased CONSEQUENCES as an Indie author. TRUTH, the sequel, was released October 30, 2012 and CONVICTED, the final installment of the Consequences Series, is scheduled for release in October of 2013!

Aleatha is a “Published Author’s Network” member of the Romance Writers of America and represented by Danielle Egan-Miller of Brown and Miller Literary Associates.

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Bought, Borrowed & Bagged #92

BB&B (Bought, Borrowed and Bagged) is a weekly meme, inspired my The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie, where we share with you the books that we have bought, borrowed or bagged (won or gifted) plus a recap of the previous week’s reviews, upcoming reviews, on going events and book movie or television news. 

BB&B is an homage Barron’s Books & Baubles from Karen Marie Moning’s smash hit series, Fever. 

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#FBF: Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught

#FBF, Flash Book Friday, is a sporadic meme in which I will share and discuss with you books that I’ve read in the past (pre-blog) that has made an impression on me. Yup, because I really need more reasons to talk about books.

My first #FBF is WHITNEY, MY LOVE by Judith McNaught. 

There was a time where I live and breathe historical romances. You have to admit, the swoon factor is sweeping, the pomp and circumstance fascinating, the tension is addictive and the HEA is fairy-tale like. Historical romances is unlike anything I’ve ever read when it comes to romantic escapes and WHITNEY, MY LOVE holds the title of my most favorite regency romance to date. It remains unparalleled and probably one of the only few books that I will reread and will never tired of. 

WHITNEY, MY LOVE is sort of an enemies-to-lovers trope where the younger and rebellious Whitney found herself in an arranged marriage with the arrogant, gorgeous and oh-so-swoony, Clayton Westmoreland, the very rich, very influential, and very Alpha, Duke of Claymore. The tension mounts at every chapter and the climax was simply decadent, I was with Whitney when Clayton “unraveled” her… if you know what I mean. I read this novel when I was 15 so imagine the sort of impossible fantasies and expectations Judith McNaught had me simmering in for weeks! I remember missing doing my homework and even sleep because I can’t put this darn novel down! I was daydreaming throughout class, picturing myself in Whitney’s yellow maid-of-honor gown with Clayton’s arms wrapped around my waist… le sigh!

WHITNEY, MY LOVE gave me my first concept of Alpha males, snark and the importance of sexual tension in presenting a solid romantic story whose importance I’ve only realized now that I’ve started blogging. In hindsight, Judith McNaught set the bar for me when it comes to contemporary and historical romances and I believe she ruined regency romance for me overall. Like I said, WHITNEY, MY LOVE is incomparable and timeless, if you love regency romance, I highly recommend you try this one. You can thank me (or not!) later.

What’s your favorite historical romance?

Whitney My Love | Westmoreland Saga 2
Regency Romance | 1985 | Pocket Book

Love It: The Lumberfox by Ava Lovelace

Series: Geekrotica 1
Format: PDF
Release Date: 
Publisher: Self
Source: Author
Recommended By: Mel of Lily Element
Genre: Erotica
Purchase: Amazon

Caught in Atlanta’s Snowjam 2014, self-confessed geek Tara is rear-ended by the hottest guy she’s ever met. Ryon is a beer brewer and restauranteur who fits the bill of what Tara and her friends call a “lumberfox”: sartorial lumberjack style, cultivated facial hair, tattoos, and specialized tastes. When he invites Tara to spend the snowstorm in his nearby condo, she takes a gamble and slogs through the Hothlike blizzard, where she learns that a man who takes that much time with his mustache knows exactly what to do with his mouth.

Due to its strong sexual content, this novel is recommended to readers 18 and up.

Let me first address the obvious before I get to the meat of things. Yes, the cover is like 80’s paperback or something, maybe even the 70’s, and I HOPE Ava Lovelace would give it a makeover because the dude with the handlebar mustache (maybe it’s the lighting but it looks like he has one) isn’t cutting the sexy. 
On to the plot and the smut! LUMBERFOX is an erotica novella and the first of ALovelace’s Geekrotica series. LUMBERFOX is a quick read at 43 pages with a very simple plot and this sexy nooner is packed with smoldering sexy times between Tara and Ryon. There’s really nothing much to the story except for these two meeting in the middle of a traffic jam and getting it on like Donkey Kong later. Tara was in a hurry to get home to try her brand-new BoB, which she still got to use later on, and Ryon serendipitously rear-ended her (pun intended!). Ryon’s condo unit is conveniently close to where they are and graciously invited Tara for a hot meal (and more) and a warm place to wait out the storm. The funniest moment was when Tara’s toy started vibrating as Ryon was checking for damages inside her car. That sure broke the ice between the two and kicked-off their snowstorm sex marathon. 
And boy was it hawt! These two could undoubtedly melt the ice outside from their lovin alone. I like the fact that there was no hint of “love” or a budding romance. LUMBERFOX was very straightforward in painting a classic hook-up picture where two consenting adults went after what they wanted. That said, I really didn’t feel it was “geek” enough except for Tara’s random mentions of geek terms and the need for a safe word confused me as well. The conflict was a little flimsy but understandable, Tara for minute misinterpreted Ryon’s aloofness as rejection and due to how they met, the morning after can indeed be awkward.  Still, LUMBERFOX was an enjoyable escape, looking forward to the next one. 
P.S. Thanks to Mel of Lily Element, for the review alert. Ava Lovelace is Delilah S. Dawson’s pseudonym and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be one of the first readers to check out this book.

Pre-Order Master of Seduction by Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright & Alexandra Ivy for only 99c!

Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy
July 14, 2014
Trade Paperback and eBook

Summer 2014 is going to sizzle with the launch of a sexy new series from four of the hottest authors in paranormal romance!  In the realm of the Incubi Masters, pleasure is to die for and love is the deadliest game of all . . .  Surrender to sinful pleasures and forbidden passions with Masters of Seduction, the sizzling new paranormal romance novella series from New York Times and internationally bestselling authors Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy.  This all-new, never-before-published boxed set contains the first four novellas in the Masters of Seduction series. Each book in the collection is approximately 20-25,000 words. 

Merciless: House of Gravori ~ by Lara Adrian 
Soulless: House of Romerac ~ by Donna Grant 
Shameless: House of Vipera ~ by Laura Wright 
Ruthless: House of Xanthe ~ by Alexandra Ivy 

The Masters of Seduction collection releases July 14, 2014 in eBook (all formats) and trade paperback.

Pre-order now in ebook for just 99 cents!

I already pre-ordered a copy, it’s a fantastic deal from some of the best PNR authors out there. I suggest you do the same thing too!

Pre-Order Master of Seduction by Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright & Alexandra Ivy for only 99c!

Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy
July 14, 2014
Trade Paperback and eBook

Summer 2014 is going to sizzle with the launch of a sexy new series from four of the hottest authors in paranormal romance!  In the realm of the Incubi Masters, pleasure is to die for and love is the deadliest game of all . . .  Surrender to sinful pleasures and forbidden passions with Masters of Seduction, the sizzling new paranormal romance novella series from New York Times and internationally bestselling authors Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy.  This all-new, never-before-published boxed set contains the first four novellas in the Masters of Seduction series. Each book in the collection is approximately 20-25,000 words. 

Merciless: House of Gravori ~ by Lara Adrian 
Soulless: House of Romerac ~ by Donna Grant 
Shameless: House of Vipera ~ by Laura Wright 
Ruthless: House of Xanthe ~ by Alexandra Ivy 

The Masters of Seduction collection releases July 14, 2014 in eBook (all formats) and trade paperback.

Pre-order now in ebook for just 99 cents!

I already pre-ordered a copy, it’s a fantastic deal from some of the best PNR authors out there. I suggest you do the same thing too!

Like It: Gossamer Wing by Delphine Dryden

Series: Steam and Seduction 1
Format: ARC
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Source: Publisher
Genre: Steampunk

A Spy. An Airship. And a Broken Heart.

After losing her husband to a rogue French agent, Charlotte Moncrieffe wants to make her mark in international espionage. And what could be better for recovering secret long-lost documents from the Palais Garnier than her stealth dirigible, Gossamer Wing? Her spymaster father has one condition: He won’t send her to Paris without an ironclad cover.

Dexter Hardison prefers inventing to politics, but his title as Makesmith Baron and his formidable skills make him an ideal husband-imposter for Charlotte. And the unorthodox undercover arrangement would help him in his own field of discovery.

But from Charlotte and Dexter’s marriage of convenience comes a distraction—a passion that complicates an increasingly dangerous mission. For Charlotte, however, the thought of losing Dexter also opens her heart to a thrilling new future of love and adventure.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the name, Delphine Dryden. She made geeks sexy with The Science of Temptation series (The Theory of Attraction, The Seduction Hypothesis) which I’m sure a lot of you have either read or want to read. I, for one, wasn’t so keen on reading that particular contemporary series because I’m a little wary of erotica right now. Then I saw Steam and Seduction and I knew that there’s no way I’m going to pass up reading this instead. 
Steam and Seduction is a Steampunk series and GOSSAMER WING is the first novel about spies, gadgets and lots of virginal but raunchy sexy times! I enjoyed the world-building of this series, it’s like a Victorian cold war where the action happens behind the scenes and a great crisis is avoided because of stealth and cunning courtesy of unsung and undercover heroes. The technology described and altered versions of France and other places were fascinating and very imaginative which fired up my imagination and provided a great escape. 

She’s intriguing, this Lady Moncrieffe, with her mourning turned to espionage and her father who was willing to pander her to him on a temporary basis is necessary.

For novels in this vein, I’m used to the hero being in the forefront and carrying the novel with the heroine, side by side. It’s a great change to have the heroine do that instead and Charlotte Moncrieffe didn’t let me down as she held up to her spy status really well. Her character holds interesting contrasts which I liked: she’s brave, cunning and a daredevil spy; soft, flirty and girly as a woman; and a passionate virgin in bed. She’s what I consider a Lady in the parlor and a Mistress in the boudoir. 
And I guess DDryden didn’t stray too far from her sexy geeks because Dexter Hardison is one gorgeous brainiac. He’s an inventor and his knowledge about technology and what-not proved to be instrumental in the success of Charlotte’s mission. But don’t let his high IQ fool you, Dexter is a frickin’ stallion in bed and he really brought a lot of punk and steam in the sack. 

Loving her as he did, so furiously that it pained him, he should surely be able to keep her alive through sheer force of emotion.

DDryden nailed the romance part perfectly. However I can’t share the same enthusiasm over the narrative, it was a slow start and dragged on some parts. I personally would’ve preferred more dialogue than narration and more combat side by side with the spying. But like I said, the world building was pretty cool and I also loved how the villain’s POV was incorporated into the story instead of staying in the shadows. 
Overall, GOSSAMER WING is a good first book, it may be a slow start for me but it has enough grit to get me reading the next book. And unlike other Steampunk series, Steam and Seduction didn’t have paranormal elements to it which is a good switch from the ones I’ve previously read. In hindsight, maybe that’s also one reason why I struggled getting acclimated to the story because I have to ‘adjust’ to the texture of the setting. Steam and Seduction also features different couples and storylines in every installment so we get to explore more of this fantastic world DDryden created and not be stuck in one specific setting. 
Other books in the series


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Love It: Alice Clayton’s Redhead Series

Unidentified Redhead | Redhead Revealed | Redhead Plays Her Hand
Redhead Series
October 15, 2013 | November 25, 2013 | December 17, 2013
Gallery Books
From the Publisher
Contemporary Romance
I’ve been pleasure reading Alice Clayton’s Redhead Series over the weekend and it was time well spent! I know a bunch of you have read George and Nuts Girl’s love story as THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD and REDHEAD REVEALED were previously published in 2010, but I can’t help but fangirl and share my brief two cents about this wonderful romcom. As this post is without a blurb, I’ll let Grace Sheridan sum it up for those of you who have yet to try/read the series:

A boy and a girl meet, fall in love, and hide their romance because of boy’s fan club. Gil breaks his heart because she’s an idiot. Boy and girl get back together. Boy and girl have sex, have sex, have more of the sex. Girl gets TV show; boy drinks. Girl gets famous over sixteen pounds. Boy drinks more; girl lets boy leave one night knowing this can’t possibly be the end. Girl sweeps up glass. Boy doesn’t come back.

And in the interim, girl kicks ass. Is girl enjoying it? She’s trying to.

… then boy got in trouble, girl helped boy heal and they lived happily ever after.

That pretty much sums up Redhead series. It was such a joy to read and even if the premise is about celebrity romance, it was still relatable, organic and hella funny. Redhead‘s focal point was on the schmaltz, as Gracie and Jack Hamilton puts it, and boy was the schmaltz sweeping, romantic, sexy, heartbreaking and very entertaining. One would think that dating a gorgeous celebrity would be easy and a modern fairy tale come true but it’s no cake walk and IMO, AClayton’s depiction of celebrity romance is more or less accurate. 
THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD is the funnest in the trilogy. Basically it’s your boy-meets-girl story and it was told in a witty flirty way. Gracie and Jack’s chemistry is undeniable and the banter was snappy and very engaging. I love the pace and the tone of THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD, AClayton painted Gracie and Jack’s budding relationship as something very easy going. Two people falling in love and going with the flow without thinking where their attraction would lead and what being in a relationship would entail. Jack and Grace’s “honeymoon stage” will make you heady and giddy, THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD is pumped with pheromones and happy hormones it would be impossible for anybody not be swept by Jack and Grace’s whirlwind romance.
REDHEAD REVEALED is what I call “Gracie’s Moment”, this sequel is full of longing as Jack and Grace work their relationship via long distance amidst their respective budding careers. Basically REDHEAD REVEALED is about balance, Jack, especially Grace, stumbled but soon found their way but not without a glitch. Before The Unidentified Redhead ended, Grace and Jack have defined their relationship and with Jack’s star on the rise, Grace was shoved into the spotlight herself. As she’s relatively unknown and much older than Jack, Grace’s insecurities surfaced, caught up with her and gave her a meltdown. Some people would find this annoying but as AClayton really set the stage perfectly from every angle, Grace’s “moment” was justified. People are quick to judge her and have labeled her all sorts of ugly names pertaining to her age (she’s older than Jack by 9 years) and how everyone feels Jack could do “better” and Grace cracked under pressure. REDHEAD REVEALED was full of heart and Grace really bared her soul in this one. Her struggle to feel worthy of Jack was more of a testament to her insecurities than Jack’s love. As for Jack, this boy is so lovable! The way he consoled, reassured and affirmed his feelings for Grace was knee-buckling and panty-melting! 
THE REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND is the most brutal of the three IMO and this is Jack’s book. The price of fame finally caught up with Jack Hamilton, movie star and current IT boy of Hollywood, and he didn’t handle it gracefully. Jack’s meltdown was typical Young Hollywood: booze, partying, bad crowds and drugs with paparazzi on his heels, documenting his actions at every turn. From a fan’s POV, I would usually get annoyed with all the Justin Biebers out there because I always find this kind of celebrity stupid and ungrateful. Jack gave me another perspective on why some people act out at the peak of their fame. I can only imagine how annoying and frustrating it would be to be followed and be blinded by flashbulbs on a regular basis, to read hurtful lies and inaccuracies about you on the web, your privacy invaded and your every move carefully planned and calculated to the point where you feel like a puppet. These are Jack’s grievances and though we all expect our hero to know and do better, his meltdown is nonetheless justified. I’m no celebrity but I think we’ve all been through something similar, albeit on a smaller scale, and it’s safe to surmise that we’d probably lose our minds too if we’re thrust into that kind of attention. I know I’d go ballistic if my privacy is invaded, heck I lose it when people walk into my room unannounced, what more on this level, right?!
Anyway, THE REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND is wrenching. While Jack’s struggles with his fame, Grace’s star is on the rise. This imbalance had both parties feeling isolated but for different reasons. Now it’s Grace’s turn to be the adult and be Jack’s stronghold. It wasn’t easy, it was scary and just as frustrating without guarantees that things will work out. The threat of uncertainty was throbbing and even after Jack bottomed out, it was still a struggle. The resolution wasn’t melodramatic, given these two’s sense of humor and connection, it wasn’t much of a challenge but it was honest and heartfelt. And of course, it ended happily so all’s well in Grace and Jack’s paradise.
Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all read different versions of my feedback before so I’ll end it here. Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is for everyone regardless if you like to read romance or fantasy. It has so many elements about it that would appeal to anybody even if it’s a celebrity romance trope because we’ve all felt what these two have gone through at some point in varying levels. If you’ve been in love, been in a relationship with someone older/younger than you, been in a long distance relationship, been insecure in a relationship, you can definitely identify with Grace and Jack. If you love to laugh and love to escape in sexed-up, buoyant, feel-good romances, enjoy fairy-tales and happy endings; if you are, have been or felt any of the ones I mentioned above, then Alice Clayton’s Redhead is definitely the series for you.